Hollinger: Pietrus could be key in G2

In a piece for ESPN Insider, John Hollinger explains why the key to Game 2 tonight for the Celtics isn’t to be more physical against the Heat, it’s finding more offense. He looks to an unlikely place to identify where the Celtics' offense can get a lift -- Mickael Pietrus.

Boston's path to victory in Game 2 depends a lot more on the likes of Mickael Pietrus and Greg Stiemsma. Yes, this is a roundabout way of saying the odds are stacked heavily against the Celtics. But still, hear me out.

Later in the piece, Hollinger explains why Pietrus could be a key:

Which takes us back to Game 1, and to Pietrus. Boston scored 79 points, including just 33 in the second half. That's just awful. The Celtics weren't going to win with that production no matter what they did defensively.

But there is one hope for Boston to generate high-value looks against Miami: the corner 3-pointer. ...

... The goal for the Celtics is to convert some of those drives for 2s into open corner 3-point attempts -- they need to take at least six or seven and convert at least three of them. And the best candidate to do it is Pietrus, who had only one shot attempt in Game 1 but made 41.9 percent of his corner 3s this season. He's playing on a bad wheel himself, but has the chops to hang with James and Wade defensively and, unlike Dooling and Sasha Pavlovic, can make that corner 3 consistently.

Allen, of course, is the other player who should take advantage. But even if he returns to form he isn't likely to get many more opportunities, as the Heat are still showing him tons of respect by aggressively trapping him off pin-downs.

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