Shootaround: Ray's early routine

MIAMI -- Celtics guard Ray Allen was already on the floor going through a shooting routine when coach Doc Rivers and the rest of his teammates arrived for shootaround Wednesday morning at AmericanAirlines Arena. Spotting Allen at the other end of the floor, Rivers cracked, "I've been looking for Ray all morning!"

In an effort to maximize Allen's on-court production, the Celtics had previously limited his offday (and even day-of-game) activity. But one day after debating whether to potentially sit Allen in Game 2, the Celtics essentially went in the complete opposite direction and told Allen to go back to his shot-heavy routine in hopes of sparking his offense.

"That’s Ray," Rivers said when asked about Allen's early arrival. "Someone said, 'Should you go another way?' and I said, ‘No, you want to give Ray a chance, every game, because you know he’s going to do everything it requires.' He’s going to give himself a chance and you know that. Ray is a tough, determined individual. He’s Ray Allen, because that’s what he does. He’ll come early and do the same shooting. Ray wants to play well, and he’s not going to let injury or anything else be a reason why he doesn’t.

"Like I said yesterday, we don’t know what the right prescription is for him. We tried it the other way, we told him, ‘Don’t shoot, don’t do anything.’ Well that didn’t help him because he’s a great shooter. So we told him, 'Just do your routine, and if you feel great, great; if you don’t, then we’ll do something else.'"

Allen had a quick response when asked his reaction when Rivers broached the idea of sitting a game.

"Hell no," he said. "This is not the time to sit down."

Allen, who had been complaining about being forced to shut down his workout regimen in hopes of letting the bone spurs in his right ankle calm down, said he was eager to push himself Wednesday and see how his body responds. He knows the injury is affecting his shot and is getting a little tired of armchair quarterbacks offering him advice.

"So many people call and tell me, ‘You gotta get the ball in the air more.’ I’m like, ‘Thank you for the advice. I’ve only been doing this for 20 years,’" said Allen. "I know how it affects me. So I'm just working on getting that back, and making sure I keep the ball in the air."

A few more notes from the morning shootaround:

* Rivers stressed again the need to protect the basket, but clarified again that he doesn't want the action on the floor to escalate to a no-holds-barred cage match. "We’re not trying to do that, we don’t even want to foul," Rivers said after the Heat converted 19 layups in Game 1. "We’re not saying we want to foul 19 times. We said we don’t want them to get to the basket. When we say we have to take away layups, we’re not saying we have to take them out -- we want to slide our feet, move them off, and keep them out of the paint."

* The NBA Draft lottery takes place Wednesday night in New York and Rivers was asked to recall his emotions after the ping-pong balls didn't bounce Boston's way in 2007. "I think at the time we were obviously hoping to get No. 1," he said. "We knew we probably would not, and didn’t -- and thank goodness, it all worked out for us." The Celtics utilized the No. 5 pick to trade for Allen and started the process of assembling the Big Three for the title run that year.

* Brandon Bass was sporting a pair of sunglasses as he stretched out on the court before shootaround. Reporters naturally wondered if he had some sort of eye issue that was forcing him to neutralize the bright court lights. Bass' response? "No, I'm good." Hey, it's MIami.

* Over at Miami's shootaround, coach Erik Spoelstra confirmed the rather obvious: Chris Bosh is still not ready to get back on the court for Game 2.

* Game 2 officials: Ken Mauer, James Capers, and Tom Washington.