Flop of the year for Pietrus?

The folks over at TrueHoop are trying to stop flopping in the NBA. Each night they chose a "Flop of the Night," from which the Boston Celtics have essentially been spared this season. That is until Mickael Pietrus got nominated for "Flop of the Year" in Game 5. From ESPN.com's Beckley Mason and Zach Harper:

There were 155 seconds left in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals as a Kevin Garnett let fly with a baseline jumper. As the ball swished through the net, Mickael Pietrus sprinted in from the opposite wing, looking for a potential offensive rebound. Instead, he ran straight into a boxout from Mario Chalmers, who put up his forearms, but did not extend his arms, to ward off the much bigger Pietrus.

On contact that he receives and doles out dozens of times each game, Pietrus’ body went rigid and he flopped over onto his back (video), right in front of Derrick Stafford, who rewarded the act with a technical foul.

It wasn’t much of a collision to begin with, but a run-of-the-mill foul would have been nearly inconsequential as the Heat were nowhere near the penalty. But the technical sent Ray Allen to the free throw line, where he calmly drilled the freebie.

One undeserved point.

It doesn’t sound like much, but in the context of the final moments of Game 5 in the Eastern Conference Finals, it matters.

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