MacMullan: Future of Big Three in Boston

ESPNBoston.com columnist Jackie MacMullan was on Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio this morning to discuss the Celtics' playoff run. Notably, she was asked if she thought the new Big Three era would end after this season.

"I'm actually very confident it is the last run," she said "I'll be very surprised if Ray Allen comes back. I think he is the piece that probably moves on. (Kevin) Garnett may retire. I sat down with Doc Rivers last week and he's very confident KG wants to play more now and he's confident it will probably be in Boston.

"I think you're probably looking at the end of that era, one way or another. They may look at trade possibilities for (Paul) Pierce or something like that going forward. Although that would be a lot harder to do if they go to the finals and actually win."

She also spoke about the incredible chemistry this Celtics team has:

"Last year's Celtics team that lost to the Heat in 5 were deeper and more talented. But this team is much more together. ... this year, this team, they're really on the same page."

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