5-on-5: Who wins Game 6?


Playing a game of 5-on-5 with Chris Forsberg, Justin Verrier and three of our friends from the Heat Index (Tom Haberstroh, Michael Wallace and Brian Windhorst) to preview Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals, which the Celtics can clinch with a victory tonight. A sample:

5. Who wins Game 6?

Forsberg: Boston. Yes, the Celtics have been atrocious in first-try closeout games, but they've thrived in closeout attempts at TD Garden. Playing in "The Jungle" (or "the [expletive] jungle," as KG prefers), the Celtics should have an edge. That said, this team also loves making things as difficult as possible on itself. In a way, it would better fit the season blueprint if the Heat win Game 6 and Boston grinds out Game 7 in Miami.

Haberstroh: Celtics. The Heat have lost 15 of their past 16 in Boston and the Celtics have won 13 of their past 14 in TD Garden. They protect that house. But between the Thunder-Spurs series and what's happening here in the East, I'm just about done trying to predict the future.

Verrier: The Heat … I mean, I guess? You'd expect that Miami, a team expected to cruise to the NBA championship bout after the Bulls' demise, would at least be able to force a seventh game, especially with Bosh back (and, I'd assume, rarin' for more minutes) and after losing the previous two games by four points or fewer. Then again, after surging from down 2-1 last series, you wonder how much fatigue is catching up to them. Their fate likely rests on Bosh's aching abdominals.

Wallace: Heat. I know Miami has lost 15 of 16 in Boston. But I picked this thing to either be a sweep or go the full seven -- with no in between -- and I'm going to stick with at least the back half of that prediction.

Windhorst: Celtics. But what do I know, I picked the Heat to win this series.

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