Soundbites on Red Claws' plans

Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge joined NBA D-League president Dan Reed and Maine Red Claws chairman Bill Ryan Jr. on Thursday to announce a single affiliate partnership between the Celtics and Red Claws that will see Boston take control of Maine's basketball operations. The full story can be found HERE. Below are a few more excerpts from the news conference held Thursday morning in Portland.

Ainge on the Red Claws' general manager role and coaching void: "Well we won't have a general manager per se, but we will be running the personnel from our office in Boston, so my entire staff will be working toward acquiring the players. And then the coaching search, you know, I do have some initial ideas, but I can't share those with you now. The coaching search will probably take place sometime later in the summer when we take care of our draft and free agency."

D-League president Dan Reed on the potential for every NBA team to be affiliated with one D-League team: "In a very long-run scenario we think that's a favorable model. We've certainly been moving in that direction. We're not in any hurry to get to that endpoint. We're very pleased with the footprint that we have today and the success that we have today, and we expect that this will continue to grow organically, as NBA teams and NBA D-League teams do what they feel is best for them."

Ainge on finding and developing a coach for the Red Claws who could help the Celtics in the future: "Yes, ideally. Yeah, somebody that we can develop that we think has a bright future in coaching. But ideally somebody that has some experience as well."

Ainge on wanting to develop players in a winning environment: "Well it's always better to develop players in winning environments, I think. Learning how to win is an important part of development. But to be quite honest, it won't be a top priority. The character of the people, like I said, around the organization, is huge, and the development of our players is on the forefront. Winning is important, it always is important. I don't want to diminish that, but it won't be the Boston Celtics' number one priority, and I think that you'll see good results as we bring in high-character guys and focus on developing our players."

Ainge on the Red Claws potentially mirroring the Celtics: "We have a lot of different things that we run offensively, so it's tough to mirror Rajon Rondo. Not only is he a special player, but he's a very unique player, so I don't think it'll look exactly the same, some of the things that we run. But our defensive schemes will be the same, so when a player is playing down here and we need a player up because of injury, he'll be prepared to come up and play our defense. He'll know the terminology of the offensive sets that we run. But often times it won't look the same. But they'll run a similar system, yes."