Doc has a feeling KG will be back

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers expressed optimism on Tuesday morning that Kevin Garnett will return next season. He called it "positive thinking."

“I don’t know if Kevin is coming back but let’s just say yes. Positive thinking,” Rivers said.

He called it a gut feeling. "I have no basis for that, just how I feel," he told CSNNE.

Rivers appeared at a panel discussion held by the Positive Coaching Alliance panel at Fenway Park, along with Bobby Valentine and other New England coaches including Tommy Amaker of Harvard men's hoops and BC hockey coach Jerry York. He was asked about the status of KG and Ray Allen, who is reportedly interested in heading to Miami to the join the Heat.

On Allen, he said: "I can't talk about it yet," according to The Boston Globe. "He's a free agent. So, we'll see. That's what free agent means, it means you're free.

"Ray is still a Celtic as far as I'm concerned, so we'll see," he said.

Rivers told the Globe he hopes that both Allen and KG return. "We would absolutely love it. But all that would be dictated all the way up until July 1st," he said.

It's not expected that KG's plans will have any bearing on the Celtics' draft plans on Thursday, where they have picks No. 21 and 22.

"It's not like we have the No. 1 pick," Rivers told CSNNE. "When you're in the 20s, you just wait and see what comes to you. I think this is a great draft. Where we're picking, we'll be able to get two very good players."

Rivers said he'll be spending draft night at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., with his son, Austin, who is projected to be one of the first players selected. He wanted to be present to watch his son walk to the podium to greet NBA commissioner David Stern after his name is called.

"It'll be really cool; it'll be fun," Rivers said.