Smith: 'Good chance' KG, Allen will be back

ESPN NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith checks in with his take on whether Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen -- both unrestricted free agents -- will be back with the Celtics next season (video above):

"There is a good chance (both Garnett and Allen return to the Celtics)," Smith says. "From what I am hearing, I spoke with a few sources yesterday, they tell me there's a very good chance Kevin Garnett will remain with the Boston Celtics and that Ray Allen will as well. Regardless of these rumors you're hearing about him potentially going to Miami. They are aware of the fact that he wants to see what's out there, he wants to test the market, he wants to feel good abut whatever decision he makes. He doesn't want to shun everybody else and just re-sign with Boston, but money isn't necessarily a top priority. He wants to be in a very comfortable situation for both him and his family."