Summer Romance: C's consider a JET?

Jerome Miron/US Presswire

Could the Boston Celtics be interested in Jason Terry?Throughout the offseason, there will be reports and whispers about players that the Celtics might be interested in. Each time a name bubbles up, we'll ask an ESPN Boston writer to react to the rumor. Up next: Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the C's are interested in longtime Dallas Mavericks sixth man Jason Terry. Like a summer romance, could this love truly last?

From Yahoo!: Faced with the possibility of losing Ray Allen, the Boston Celtics are pursuing Dallas Mavericks free-agent guard Jason Terry, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. The Celtics are preparing themselves for the possible loss of Allen, and began the process of recruiting Terry after midnight ET Saturday, league sources said.

ESPN Boston reaction: It's no real wonder why the Celtics are reportedly pursuing Terry. He's a proven winner, a big-shot maker, he boasts significant playoff experience, he's been a key part of a veteran locker room before, and he'll gladly fill the coveted sixth man role Boston so strongly values. Terry still has strong ties in Dallas, so prying him away from the Mavs won't necessarily be an easy endeavor. Terry will still draw a number of solid offers from different contenders, so the C's would most likely have to throw the full Mid-Level Exception at him if they want to give themselves any real hope of landing him. An MLE offer for Terry, 34, would probably extend two years, setting up Terry's new contract to expire at the same time as Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, and, possibly, Kevin Garnett's (depending on the terms of that third year of his new deal). If Terry, who made $11 million last season, demands more money than the MLE, the Celtics might want to look elsewhere, but if he's willing to take a bit of a pay cut, Terry certainly seems like he'd be a great fit for Boston. -- Greg Payne