Summer romance: C's and Swaggy P?

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

Should the Celtics be interested in fashionable swingman Nick Young?Throughout the offseason, there will be reports and whispers about players that the Celtics might be interested in. Each time a name bubbles up, we'll ask an ESPN Boston writer to react to the rumor. Up next: Agent Mark Bartelstein said the Celtics are one team interested in Los Angeles Clippers shooting guard Nick Young. Like a summer romance, could this love truly last?

ESPN Boston reaction: Young is an enticing prospect, standing at 6-foot-6 with a penchant for hoisting up shots without much of a conscience. His ability to score the ball can't be questioned (career average of 11.4 points per game), which is exactly why the Celtics would be inquiring about his services. The whole point of seeking out guys like Young, Jason Terry, and Jamal Crawford, is to upgrade the bench with a consistent offensive weapon that will help the C's steer clear of disastrous offensive droughts, particularly late in games. Young's only 27, and he submitted to a bench role after being traded from the Wizards to the Clippers last season, so Boston would likely view him as a now-and-later commodity. But that brings up the issue of money. Depending on how enamored Danny Ainge is with Young's scoring ability, the C's might not be willing to offer Young any sort of long-term deal, opting instead for a hefty portion of the mid-level exception. But, similar to Brandon Bass, Young could be looking for some long-term stability at this point in his career, and a bigger payday than what he's cashed in on up to this point (Young made $3.7 million last season). The Celtics will have to gauge the kind of money Young is looking for before they make any real push to land the talented USC product. -- Greg Payne