Rivers: Don't have a feel on Allen

Celtics coach Doc Rivers told ESPNBoston.com on Sunday he thought it would be a "stretch" if free agent Ray Allen chose to sign with a team other than the Celtics.

"We really want him back and I really think at the end of the day that he will be back because this is such a good fit for him," Rivers told ESPNBoston.com. "We need him back and we're trying to get him back. We can offer him more money. ... He already lives here. He knows his role and everything else. It's a stretch for me to see him go somewhere else."

When asked about his status on the Dan Patrick radio show on Tuesday, Rivers sounded much less confident.

“I don’t know," Rivers said. "We’re working hard. He has a lot of options and that’s the bad news for us. It’ll be interesting. I wish I had a feel on it. Usually I do. But I can tell you in this one I don’t.”

Rivers comments come on the same day as word leaked that Allen would visit with the Miami Heat on Thursday and the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday. Both teams are interested in the soon-to-be-37-year-old's services.

Still, Rivers didn't sound like he was ready to give up on Allen. The Celtics, after all, can offer Allen more money than any contender.

"Yesterday," Rivers answered when asked when he last spoke with Allen. "I’m going to talk to him today, I’m going to talk to him tomorrow, I’m going to talk to him the next day.”

When asked by Patrick what it would take to close the deal with Allen, Rivers quipped, “I need to call (John) Calipari and need to see how he does it.”

In one other interesting nugget, Rivers conceded that if the Celtics had a higher pick in the draft, they would have taken his son, Austin Rivers, who was selected at No. 10 by the New Orleans Hornets. The Celtics had the 21st and 22nd picks.