Leftovers from Saturday's introductions

WALTHAM, Mass. -- A handful of leftovers after the Boston Celtics announced three deals and introduced four players, but essentially added five players to their roster with Saturday's festivities at the team's practice facility:

* Jason Terry wore a loud green shirt that was still less blinding than his smile at the podium. While his contract isn't finalized yet, he said he's ready for any role the team asks of him (which could include a starting role if Avery Bradley is not ready for the season and the Celtics don't add another front-line guard).

"Well, if they need me to wash the uniforms or sweep the floor, whatever role (coach) Doc (Rivers) wants me to play, I'm here to do it at 100 percent, and give my all," said Terry. "That's what I've done my whole career, and pretty much whatever it takes to win. Whatever puts us in the best position to win these games and win a championship is what I'll be doing."

* Jeff Green said he never truly considered going to another organization, as the goodwill displayed by the Celtics throughout his ordeal made it an easy decision to come back.

"With the stuff I went through the past couple of months, this organization was there for me," said Green. "They did everything possible to make sure I was comfortable with my procedure and the road I was headed down. I owe it all to them, and it was a no-brainer. When the thought about coming back here popped into my mind, it was the only team I thought of."

* Chris Wilcox said that he leaned heavy on Green after his own heart ailment was detected in March and expressed great satisfaction in both players' returning to Boston next season.

"Me and Jeff, we talked a lot," said Wilcox. "Because I wanted to know some of the things that he went through and what it was that I had to look forward to. Me and him, we were on the phone a lot. It means a lot just to come back and be able to play, from the things that we've been through. It's just a blessing to be in the situation where everyone's counting you out, and then all of a sudden, you get an opportunity to come back and play for one of the best franchises in the league. I just want to take full advantage of it."

* Ainge on the difficulty in finalizing some of the deals, while maintaining the flexibility to add more depth.

"We're still trying to work out details with some of the guys up here, so it's been very complicated, putting the new agreement together, with all of the free agents that we had and wanted to keep and free agents on the market that we felt we could add to improve our team," said Ainge. "It's been very complicated. I'm grateful for my staff -- (assistant general managers) Mike Zarren (and) Ryan McDonough, and (director of player personnel) Austin Ainge do a great job of helping us. And we're in constant communication with players around the league and we have great ownership that gives us support and gives us an opportunity to build a team."

* In a release announcing Garnett's re-signing, there's a quote from the veteran big man that reads, "I’m more than happy and I’m excited to be back!” Reporters agreed that it had one too many exclamation points and not enough expletives to match Garnett's typical demeanor.