Layup line: Green talks, KG spotted

* The blog Heels to Hoops caught up with Jeff Green and, quiet since detection of an aortic aneurysm ended his 2011-12 season, he offers some encouraging news about his health.

Asked about how he's feeling, Green said, "I feel awesome. I actually feel a lot better than I did prior to the surgery. It was a blessing, and I'm doing better now."

Later, when asked for a message to his fans, Green adds, "To all the Boston fans that read this… Banner 18 is on the way."

* Kevin Garnett got spotted outside of offseason hibernation when Snoop Dogg (err, Lion?) Instagram'd this photo of himself with Garnett and Rajon Rondo and the OVO Festival in Toronto this past weekend:

(h/t: Red's Army)