Bradley assists on home court makeovers

MONSON, Mass. -- Celtics shooting guard Avery Bradley and legend Cedric Maxwell visited the Dill family of Monson Tuesday to unveil the first of three home court makeovers as part of a promotion with RE/MAX of New England. The family was selected after their mother, Stacey, wrote an essay expressing why her children deserved the court after their home and neighborhood was ravaged by the tornadoes that ripped through Western Mass in 2011.

Check out the video above as Bradley and Maxwell celebrate the new court. Later this week, the duo will help unveil home court makeovers in North Andover (the Heim-Richards family) and Lawrence (the Almanzar family). Each stop includes a basketball clinic for 100 local children, including one Tuesday afternoon at Monson High School.

Read on for more on each winning family, courtesy of the Celtics. Each family was chosen from over 100 essays submitted for consideration.


The Dill family was chosen based on Stacey Dill’s essay expressing why her children deserve a home court makeover. The Dill family was hit hard by the tornadoes that ripped through Western Massachusetts last spring. Their yard and driveway were covered with debris and the back of their house was blown off and just recently replaced with the help of volunteers.


The Heim-Richards family’s essay spoke about their 7-year-old son's battle with Legg Calves Perthes Disease, leaving him in casting and needing crutches to walk for the next 2-5 years. Since his diagnosis, Brennan has learned to play sports with his crutches. Brendan’s brothers have had to sacrifice for their brother by giving up things they love. This new home court is for them and Brennan.


The Almanzar family was chosen based on Luisangel’s essay expressing the difficulties he has trying to find a safe place to play basketball.

Chris Forsberg/ESPN Boston

The Dill family of Monson, Mass.