Rondo on cover of Boston Common

Andrew Eccles for Boston Common

Common coverboy: Rajon Rondo.Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo graces the cover of Boston Common magazine men's issue this month. Rondo discusses his place among NBA point guards, the quest for another championship, and -- keeping with his summer theme -- fashion and his personal style. A few highlights from the article, courtesy of the magazine's PR staff:

Rondo dishes on his place among NBA point guards: “In some areas some guys might be better than me, but overall, if you lay it all out, I think I am the best.”

Rondo on the pressure for the Celtics to succeed: “The Celtics and their fans don’t just want X number of wins and playoffs,” he says. “We all want champion­ships… and the banners prove that.” The pressure seems not to faze him. “For me it’s a good thing. There is a lot more pressure in Boston to win than there is almost anywhere else. I love it. I feed off of it.”

Rondo when asked to name the three best-dressed men in the NBA, and on his sense of style: Without hesitation he answers, “Besides myself? … Some guys will just wear any­thing,” he says, “but I really care about my appearance.”

Rondo on his all-time style favorites: He leans toward European designers, with Yves Saint Laurent being a favorite, especially for suiting. And he’s a not-so-closeted shoe junkie, harboring somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 pairs, including Lanvin, Louboutin, and John Varvatos.

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