Tip-in: More on Rondo's foul shooting

Issac Baldizon/NBAE/Getty Images

Rajon Rondo was solid at the charity stripe during the exhibition season.WALTHAM, Mass. -- Rajon Rondo shot 77.3 percent from the free throw line during the preseason, a figure that, if maintained during the regular season, would serve as a substantial career-high for Boston's point guard. [Hop HERE to read more on that].

But Rondo, a career 61.9 percent free throw shooter, was quick to dismiss his preseason percentage, noting that the eight-game sample size wasn't large enough to draw any conclusions. Still, can the Celtics expect this kind of performance when the real games begin next week?

"I mean, that's the expectation for myself," Rondo said after practice Wednesday. "I expect that out of myself."

Asked if he had a goal percentage in mind for the coming season, Rondo quipped: "One hundred. Subtract, like, 10. So, 90."

Well, surely an improvement like that would be the product of some rigorous offseason work?

"No, I didn't work on it at all," Rondo said. "Just, God let me make a couple more this year from the free throw line during the preseason."

Though this exchange was more lighthearted than anything, Rondo does understand that his team will need him to get to the free throw line on a consistent basis this season, and he's hoping the officials won't impede that.

"It'll be very important, but it's up to those guys in the stripes, too," Rondo said, referencing the referees. "I'm going to do my job and attack the rim, but those guys have a lot of control of the game nowadays, so, that's what it is."

Rondo had some rocky moments with NBA officials last season, most notably the incident in Detroit last February in which he tossed a ball at referee Sean Wright after an apparent no-call, which resulted in a two-game suspension. Rondo, though, isn't looking to have any more issues with the referees. He said he and his teammates can't get dismayed if the calls aren't going their way.

"Just keep attacking. There's going to be adversity throughout the entire year," Rondo said. "We don't want to blame anybody, it's not going to be just their decision. We're going to continue to fight through adversity and just play through the game."