What's the penalty for Rondo?

im Davis/Getty Images

Rajon Rondo departs after his ejection from Wednesday's game.The question left lingering in the aftermath of Rajon Rondo's skirmish with Kris Humphries on Wednesday night is: How long will Boston's point guard be suspended for? Let's break down the key factors:

* WANNA BE STARTIN' SOMETHIN'?: Rondo was the clear aggressor in Wednesday's dust-up. Yes, Humphries' foul brought Garnett to the ground, but it looked worse than it probably was (even if Garnett and coach Doc Rivers contend it was a hard foul). Crew chief James Capers noted in a pool report, "Rondo initiated everything that proceeded after the foul." Rondo was clearly the instigator and will be in a harsher spotlight because of it.

* STANDS BY ME: This isn't even close to a Malice at the Palace type situation, but Rondo's aggression toward Humphries forced the two players into the stands below one of the baskets -- a big no-no and cause for automatic ejection in the league rulebook.

* PUNCHING IN: When league officials review tape of the incident, it will be interesting to see if they determine that Rondo (or Garnett or Wallace) threw any punches during the flare-up. Crew chief Capers suggested that neither Garnett nor Wallace threw a visible punch, part of the reason Garnett was not ejected. The league will be looking even closer than the officials did.

* PAST HISTORY: Rondo has already been dragged to the principal's office twice last season, first earning a two-game, regular-season suspension for throwing a ball at a game official in Detroit, then enduring a one-game postseason ban for bumping a game official in the opening round of the playoffs last year.

With one- and two-game bans in the past, the next logical step for Rondo seems like at least a three-game ban. Might the league come down harder with a five- or 10-game suspension? Or will they head to the other extreme and settle for a milder slap on the wrist?

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