Doc: Double-OT game 'put us in a bind'

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Double overtime Wednesday forced Celtics coach Doc Rivers to lean heavy on his veterans.Quick hits on Doc Rivers' weekly appearance on Boston sports radio station WEEI (click HERE to listen):

* On the defensive breakdowns in Wednesday's win over Dallas: "I thought we did a lot of great things defensively, but I thought we had a lot of breakdowns. And honestly, I thought our small unit let us down. When they went small, we went small. I thought they went small better than us, and that's when they really started scoring. For the first two and a half quarters defensively, we were pretty good. And then I thought our small lineup let us down, and we need to work on that lineup, because that's going to be a lineup we're going to have to use against other teams, or other teams are going to use it against us, and we might have to match it. And so we have to get better there."

* On Rajon Rondo saving energy on the defensive end: “The two things I think hurt Rondo last night were, No. 1, I didn't give him his normal break that we've done all year. We've done it a couple times where we've kept him and I made a risky decision that was an awful decision to leave him in in the second half and not give him his break. So down the stretch I thought he was tired. And in the overtimes he still hadn't come out. I thought that affected his play. I thought it affected us on the offensive end as much as the defensive end. We stopped running, we started walking the ball up the floor, we started going deep into the clock, and I thought that hurt us. And then the foul trouble. When he got five fouls. He played too safe and that allowed O.J. Mayo to get going."

* On managing minutes with overtime games: "It does put us in a bind, especially a double-overtime game where we had done so well with Kevin's minutes in that game last night. He was going to play right at 30 or 29 minutes and he ends up playing 40 minutes. You know, listen, it happens. It can't happen every game, because we can't do that for Kevin every game. So, it was just one of those nights."

* On Rondo's final shot in regulation: "The problem was the time on the clock again. You know the rule is, if you take a dribble or make a pass, then where you call a timeout is where you have to take the ball out. And what we were instructed to do is on the rebound call a timeout. Then we could have advanced the ball to the free throw line in front of our basket. By doing what we did, Rondo had six seconds to go coast-to-coast and try to score a game-winning basket. You're probably not going to get a good shot."

* On whether he has a theory on the Lakers' struggles: "Well they're getting a lot of coverage. I'm telling you, yesterday I just had ESPN on before the game. I had it on mute, not for any reason, I was trying to do my work. And every time I looked up, it was somebody talking about the Lakers or some Laker on. So, I don't know. I haven't watched them, to be honest, but for a couple of times. They've made a lot of changes, too, and have a key guy out at the point guard position, so I would imagine that's some of it."

* On his experience speaking to the New England Patriots: "You know, you don't get nervous. You just tell them your experience and what helped your team win games and the better teams you've played on. It's really an anecdotal story when you talk to other pros, because they've been through it. They understand how the locker room works themselves, even more so. The one thing I do find with football, there's just so many people, you know? We have 15 guys. Coach Belichick probably has 20 coaches. It's just an amazing thing."

* On whether he thinks Rondo could be a star quarterback like Tom Brady: "No. I don't [laughs]. But I will say this -- he has an incredible arm. We were out on the field and watching him throw, he throws the ball 60 yards with ease. But, there's only one Tom Brady, and we saw the best one the other night. He is on another level at the quarterback position."