Green: 'Just another bruise'

WALTHAM, Mass. -- Celtics forward Jeff Green practiced on Sunday sporting a shiner under his left eye and three chipped teeth, but admitted he's no worse for the wear after absorbing an elbow to the face from Ersan Ilyasova during Friday's overtime loss to the Bucks.

"It's cool, added to my character," Green said. "Just another bruise that I've got to fight through."

Green said he thought he might have fractured the orbital bone around his eye when he first went to the ground and admitted he couldn't really open his swollen left eye. Team trainer Ed Lacerte and team physician Brian McKeon tended to Green on the baseline before helping him to the locker room with 18 seconds remaining in overtime.

Green joked he's looking for a dentist to repair his teeth. How exactly did he chip three of them?

"I don't know how what happened," he said. "I don't know if it happened when I fell or if he came down, or when he hit me, or if teeth just came together or something. I don't know. My teeth are not going to stop me from playing, so it's all good."

Green passed a concussion test in the Celtics' locker room on Friday night, practiced on Sunday, and should be on the court for Tuesday's Christmas Day game against the Brooklyn Nets. Green simply laughed off the idea of wearing a mask to 1) protect his face and 2) hide the shiner.

"No, I'm not wearing no mask," he said. "I ain't hiding it. Everybody sees it; everybody knows what it is. Nothing's broke, so I don't have any reason to wear a mask."

Is there any lingering pain?

"None. It's just a little numb, swollen still," he said, patting the area under his eye. "But it's nothing that's stopping me from playing. It's not messing up my vision or nothing."

Asked how Green looked in practice, coach Doc Rivers quipped, "He looked good. Looked like Jeff Green with a black eye and chipped teeth. He actually looked better."