Dime: C's 'highly interested' in Cousins

Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

DeMarcus Cousins hasn't always been on his best behavior in Sacramento.Would the Boston Celtics be interested in Sacramento big man DeMarcus Cousins if he became available in the trade market? From Marc Stein's Weekend Dime:

Front-office sources say that Boston and Detroit, just to name two teams, have let it be known that they are highly interested if and when Cousins does become available. Rest assured there will be more.

Even after all the warnings about the 22-year-old coming out of Kentucky and all the bad shots he's hoisted in Sacramento, where he doesn't seem interested in listening to anyone and also suffers from the lack of a proven point guard who can make the game easier for him, Cousins will continue to draw considerable interest because there are so few young bigs these days with his size, skill and mobility.

The Celtics clearly have a need for a big man, but you can't help but wonder what they would be willing to part with in order to bring Cousins on board? Would the team be willing to give up young talent like Jared Sullinger or Avery Bradley despite Cousins' troubled times with the Kings? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.