Ainge: C's problems can be fixed

It appears that Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers are on the same page when it comes to trying to right the Celtics' ship before it's too late. Both are in wait-and-see mode.

A few hours after the Celtics coach said on WEEI "we're not going to panic" in response to a question on whether it's time for a shakeup, Ainge reiterated the message during an interview on the same radio station.

"I think Doc is probably going to try and tweak the lineup again and do some things different. We'll just try to be patient with this team as long as we can," said the president of basketball operations.

He said the return of Avery Bradley adds a new dimension to the team that could help turn things around, and that once the new starting lineup settles in and players perform to their potential, many of the problems will be corrected.

"This will be the first game coming up against the best defensive team in the league right now in [the] Indiana Pacers where we have our best lineup that played last year, and that was with Rondo and Avery and Brandon and KG and Paul. That lineup hasn't even played one minute together this year, so I'd like to give that a shot."

On the Celtics' struggles at making stops, he added:

"For whatever reason -- I'm not sure if they're incapable or they're not or they can't physically. Time will tell on that. But the reality of it is they haven't. And it's not just the new guys. I don't think our veteran players that have been here have played up to their capabilities yet either. I mean, we went from being the best team in the NBA last year defensively to the 21st best defensive team in the league right now, so that's concerning. But, I do believe that that can be fixed with attitude and health and practice time. I really do believe that. Our guys know how to do that."