Rivers on KG-Melo and more

Quick hits following Doc Rivers' weekly appearance on Boston sports radio WEEI Thursday (click HERE to listen).

On Kevin Garnett-Carmelo Anthony and Danny Ferry: Rivers addressed the rumor about what Garnett said to Anthony and also Ferry’s role in Rondo’s suspension. Click HERE for more on those.

On whether the Celtics have finally turned a figurative corner: "Well I think we're turning the corner. I think we're playing better. I didn't think we played great [Wednesday]. I thought defensively we were really good. Phoenix is a really good offensive team, I think they're second in the league in field goal attempts, which means they get the ball up an down the floor. But overall, I just like how we're trending."

On whether Rajon Rondo did anything wrong to earn his recent one-game suspension: "Well he did something wrong, but he didn't do enough to get suspended, I think would be a better way to put it. Now, when you walk up on a ref, you put yourself in a chance that you can get a tech or suspended. Now, you can see when you watch it, the official is walking towards him as he was walking towards the official. Or, they just kind of ran into each other. It's not like Rondo bumped him. And you can tell by the official's reaction, he didn't feel that way at all. But, you know, and Rondo, I think I said it yesterday, and I've told him this for a while now, 'You're not given a reputation, you earn one.' And once you earn it, the only way you can change it is by doing things the right way to change it, and it's going to take a little time."

On Jared Sullinger's maturity: "Yeah, you know, I don't know if it's maturity or basketball IQ, great temperament. He plays the game at a great temperament. He's intense, but he doesn't get too high or low as far as his emotions on the floor. And, his dad was a coach, so he's been in a coach's home his whole life and you can see the IQ. I mean, he knows how to play. He knows how to think the game. And what he's really improved on now is just his consistent focus. So, yeah, he plays beyond his years right now."

On his halftime speech during Saturday's win vs. the Hawks: "Well, I didn't say much. I basically said it in a way that I couldn't say it on the radio, is that we're not going to change anything. And I said it in a lot of different ways, and I talked about each coverage, and I just said we're not changing. This is who we are this is who we can be. I just thought as a group, whenever things got tough for us, the first thing we say is, 'Let's change this coverage. Let's do this.' And basically I said, 'Let's do our coverage right. If we do it right, we're going to be good.' And our guys bought into it, and that was great. I thought it started in the Indiana game, honestly. So, it gave you something that you could show them that if you do it right, we have a chance. Then if we don't -- if we do it right and teams are scoring, at least the coaching staff knows we should change for that game. And I thought our guys did a great job of buying into it."

On picking up a technical foul during Wednesday's win: "Well, I ask my guys to take charges, and when they don't get them, that's one of those push button things for me, because that's a physical play and this guy is injured, he's out on the floor, and he takes a pretty good charge. And, you know, the official at that time just said, 'No,' kind of waived his hands like, 'Get up, you're flopping.' You know, that upsets you as a coach because a lot of teams around the league don't take charges, and our guys are willing to put their bodies in harm's way, and I felt like he should have got the charge."