CelticsHub 5-on5: Sully, Green, and more

Teaming up with our friends at CelticsHub for our occasional game of 5-on-5. Here's a sample:

The Celtics offense continues to linger amongst the bottom-third of the league in efficiency. Given the additional talent added to the roster this year, what needs to be done to make the offense more reliable?

Chris Forsberg: With Boston’s defense consistently generating more stops since the return of Avery Bradley, it’s a little bit surprising to see the Celtics’ transition numbers still lagging behind. Boston simply isn’t taking full advantage of opportunities off of stops, particularly with an inability to get to the free throw line for easy points. The Celtics need to be more aggressive going at the hoop in transition — and getting more production beyond the the 3-point stripe from anyone not named Pierce wouldn’t hurt the offense either.

Greg Payne: The Celtics need to do a better job of balancing the production between their starters and their reserves. They need to get consistent double-digit scoring outings from the likes of Jason Terry and Jeff Green to help diminish some of the pressure on Rajon Rondo and co. Additionally, the Celtics play at a below league average pace, and speeding things up a bit given the athleticism they boast shouldn’t be difficult and should aid their offensive production.

Brian Robb: Getting both the starters and second unit playing well during the same game would be a start. We saw glimpses of it during the Knicks game Monday night but it hasn’t seemed to come together much this year. I think the key remains though with finding consistency within the offensive “role” players. These are the guys that need to be counted on for 8-12 points per game, when given the ample minutes. Jason Terry, Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee, and Jeff Green all fall into this category. With the defense improving now, it should allow for easier opportunities for this team and these players on the offensive end.

Ryan DeGama: If Jason Terry, Courtney Lee and Jeff Green can find any level of consistency that should help the C’s overall efficiency, but this is not a team with much firepower and one that is regularly lured into shooting the same long twos with which they bait their opponents. After three years of weak offense, I’d argue a personnel change is necessary to juice the offense. The C’s need a prime-of-life wing scorer or a young post presence to really change the equation. But as long as they continue to make their runs with defense, that’s probably not in the cards.

Brendan Jackson: The Celtics offensive efficiency was an unfortunate casualty of their early season inconsistencies. The team lacked both offensive and defensive identities which led to Doc Rivers mixing and matching lineups, changing rotations, and completely shifting his approach. The C’s initally tried to go small, alternating the role of Avery Bradley’s stand-in between Jason Terry and Courtney Lee. When that proved ineffective, Rivers inserted Jason Collins into the starting lineup and moved Kevin Garnett back to the power forward position. This proved disasterous. When Bradley returned, so did the Celtics consistency in approach, identity, and lineup. The efficiency numbers now just need to catch up.

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