Quick hits from Doc's radio interview

Quick hits following Celtics coach Doc Rivers' weekly appearance on Boston sports radio WEEI on Thursday morning (click HERE to listen).

* On the nature of his discomfort coaching against his son, Austin, Wednesday: "Well you're competing against your son and it's just a different dynamic. You always want your son to do well. Well I don't ever go into a game wanting anyone on the other team to do well and that's just the dynamic that it's just so different. So, that part of it was difficult, but after that, it was a game and we didn't play very well, so that was disappointing."

* On trying to follow Austin's rookie season: "I don't watch all the games. I mean, there's just too many games to watch and honestly it's just another NBA game instead of a different venue like college or high school. So I follow box scores, I watch, I talk to him. So, you do all of them. It's different. The one thing I do miss is going to watch him play. Last night was the first live game that I've seen him play this year and that's really unusual for me."

* On being concerned over Austin focusing too much on basketball: "No, not yet. That's how all rookies are, young guys. I think we all eventually develop a hobby, if you want to call it. Having said that, at 20, did any of us have hobbies? You know, we were following our goals and trying to do what we needed to do to make a life, and that's all Austin's doing. And I think what he's learning in the NBA is there's time where you do actually have to rest, and I thought that was a great lesson for him.

"Monty Williams was telling me about that, when they came back from the West Coast trip, I think they landed at 6 a.m. and they had to go pick up stuff -- Monty did, at the office -- and Austin was already there. So he went straight there and Austin, that next night, couldn't move. He was exhausted. And I thought Monty said, 'Sometimes, that'll teach you a lesson. One I didn't even have to tell the kid.' So, those things will teach you the lesson."

* On what factored into Wednesday's loss -- cold shooting? Too many jump shots?: "Well I think it was probably a little bit of all of those things. I thought we dropped our guard the way we practiced the day before. I just thought we were very relaxed. So, I think it was a lot of those things. Even the Austin thing I thought had an impact on some of our guys because they know him, too. So, I think it was just one of those nights where we couldn't make a shot, but we never took a shot in the paint, when you watch. Everything was jump shots and we took the easy way out the entire night."

* On Kevin Garnett trash talking Austin during the game: "You know, I should have asked Austin. I'm sure (Garnett) did, if he had a chance."

* On Austin being a fan of Jared Sullinger: "Well first of all, they played against each other in AAU. Austin's team and Jared's team were the two best teams probably from sophomore, junior, and senior year. I know they played in at least two national title games, maybe three, and Jared was dominant in all of those games. So, I think Austin had a first-hand look at Jared and then he played him last year at Ohio State where Jared had another good game. So, during the draft, after Austin was drafted, we were sitting there at the table still and he kept saying -- it's funny, he was, like, cheering, during the draft, 'Jared is still there! He's still there!' So I told him that I liked him and he just kept pushing him."

* On whether the Celtics would've drafted Austin, had he been available: "Oh we would have taken him ... Danny (Ainge) was taking him. Danny wanted him to begin with, so that wouldn't have been hard for us. It would've been hard for me. And honestly after watching him play this year, I don't think that would have been that hard. I think he's going to be a really good player, I just think it's going to take him some time to get comfortable and to play at his speed. But he's a guy, as you can see even last night, that can get his shot and get to the basket, and that's something we need. So, we would've taken him."

* On how Rajon Rondo and Garnett will feel if they're named to the All-Star team: "Well I think Rondo really wants it. I think young players really want to be on the All-Star team. It's important for them. You know, Kevin, I would say he enjoyed the break last year. He went home to Malibu and had a great time. I think he would enjoy doing that again. But I think it still would be an honor for him, at this age, to make the All-Star team, is amazing."