Live by the jumper ...


Boston's shooting chart vs. the Knicks.These Celtics live and die with perimeter jumpers and, well, on Thursday night nothing was falling for Boston. From our friends at ESPN Stats and Info:

The Celtics shot a season worst 7 of 32 (21.9 percent) for 17 points on shots at least 15 feet from the basket on Thursday. When the Celtics have won this season, they have averaged more than 40 points per game from such distance.

Exactly how bad was it? Boston shot 21.9 percent overall from 15+ feet -- its worst percentage this season and it's 3-point percentage was 16.7 percent, second worst this year.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers chalked some of it up to playoff-level intensity on defense.

"Our offense hasn’t been great, but no one’s offense was good [on Thursday]," said Rivers. "This was a hard-played game, this was a playoff-type game. Baskets were hard to come by, guys were flying out at each other. This is the way the playoffs look.

"All you hope is that you make your open shots. And we just didn’t. [Jason Terry is] struggling right now, I thought he had -- 1-for-6 [shooting] and four of them were point-blank, wide-open looks. Paul had a couple. I think Kevin missed a couple right at the basket. That's just the way it goes. It’s a make/miss league; With effort, it’s a make/miss league. If you play with great effort every night, then the game will come down to if you make your open shots."

Point guard Rajon Rondo admitted the Celtics have to be more aggressive going at the basket as this offense struggles to put up consistent points.

"We have to get some easier looks, convert in transition, and convert on turnovers as well. Somebody else besides Paul has to get to the free throw line. We've got to still stay aggressive and attack. We're a jump-shooting team, but we can all draw fouls."

Added Kevin Garnett: "I think as of late, we're just not hitting our shots and shots we're usually taking, shots we're comfortable with, are not going in, they're not falling for us. But it's like one thing after another. We were having problems with our defense, kind of fixed that a little bit and really got that under control a little bit. Now it's the offense. We've got to find a way to get some easy buckets. But we've just got to keep going at this thing. It's not time to panic. Definitely don't point fingers around here. We're a working group and we're going to continue to be."