Coast to Coast: C's at a crossroad

J.A. Adande and Israel Gutierrez debate what direction the Celtics need to take following the loss of Rajon Rondo. Should the C's blow it up and start over or should they keep their prized players and try to add stronger complementary pieces?

Here's a sample of the back-and-forth, with Adande discussing Kevin Garnett's trade potential:

And why should Garnett retire a Celtic? Is he that ingrained in the franchise history? Yes, he was the driving force behind their 2008 championship, but Russell, Bird, McHale and the Chief look at that ring and say: "Is that all you got?" I don't think a single championship assures you a place among the all-time Celtics greats. Garnett is easily the greatest in the Minnesota Timberwolves pack, but I'm not sure he's done enough in Boston to get his jersey raised to the Garden rafters. And if he isn't rafter material, wouldn't that make him expendable now?

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