Tech Tracker: KG leads C's

With Jared Sullinger picking up his first career NBA technical foul on Sunday against the Miami Heat, here's a look at the Celtics' team leaders in techs this season:

5 - Kevin Garnett

4 - Rajon Rondo

2 - Doc Rivers, Jason Terry

1 - Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, Paul Pierce, Sullinger

That's a total of a mere 17 technical fouls this season (or what Rasheed Wallace used to call a solid month). Even amidst their roller coaster play, the Celtics have managed to be somewhat tame when confronting officials. It's a far cry from the days when Kendrick Perkins and Wallace were both flirting with the 16 technical foul regular-season limit before suspensions kicked in.

The Celtics as a team have donated a mere $34,000 to the league for technicals this season. Heck, Chris Wilcox got fined $25,000 for a one-finger salute to the Kiss Cam in Philadelphia and Kevin Garnett paid $25,000 more for his role in the dust-up with Brooklyn back in late November.