Weekend Dime: Spotlight on C's

In his Weekend Dime, colleague Marc Stein tackles eight deadline truths, including some thoughts on The Truth, Paul Pierce. Here's his take on the potential for Boston to move Pierce before the trade deadline:

So the chances of a Pierce deal, at this juncture, are highly remote. Something like that would have to be classified as a major change to the team dynamic for a team that is always touting its chemistry as is. The only reason you can't rule it out completely is that the Clips -- for all the whispers in circulation that they don't plan to do anything at this deadline unless it's a slam-dunk boost to their title hopes -- might end up needing a deep playoff run to ensure that CP3 re-signs, even more than they need [Eric] Bledsoe as CP3 insurance.

As for the Celtics as a whole, Stein adds:

There's a rising expectation among some of [Danny] Ainge's peers that Boston will instead try to move out at least one member of the Brandon Bass/Jason Terry/Courtney Lee trio before the deadline to make getting under the luxury-tax threshold his February focus. The Celtics are nearly $1.5 million over the tax line for this season and on course to exceed it again next season, as well.

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