Pregame: Doc on Clips, roster, Super Bowl

BOSTON -- A handful of quick hits from pregame access before the Celtics host the Clippers:

* NO CHANGES FOR CELTICS: Despite the Clippers' size, coach Doc Rivers will stick with the Kevin Garnett-Brandon Bass frontcourt. Los Angeles will be without point guard Chris Paul (knee), but will have Jamal Crawford, who was fitted for a mask after suffering a nasal fracture. How are the Clippers different with Eric Bledsoe in the starting lineup? "In some ways, they are harder to guard and some ways they are not," Rivers said. "Obviously, Chris Paul is fantastic. But when he plays, at least you know where the ball is at a lot, because it’s in his hands and that helps you somewhat defensively. When he doesn’t play, the ball is going all over the place, and they are in some ways difficult to guard." Sounds an awful lot like a certain Rajon Rondo-less Celtics offense.

* ODEN & POTENTIAL ROSTER MOVES: Rivers admitted he's intrigued by the potential of adding Greg Oden, but after his exploratory visit with the Celtics on Saturday, Rivers said his own focus is on his current players. "I've got the Clippers tonight. I said hi to [Oden], reminisced about high school days when I watched some AAU, but other than that, I can tell you I thought far more about the guys we are playing tonight then next year." Rivers said the Celtics have no roster moves in the offing. "We really haven’t talked about [additions]," Rivers said. "Honestly. We obviously can, because we need a body. But we really haven’t talked about it much at all. Nothing really. What I think [general manager] Danny [Ainge] is doing is probably doing all the work right now and I’m sure this week maybe, or who knows in two weeks, he’ll come with a long list of scenarios."

* DOC LIKES NINERS: Asked for his Super Bowl prediction, Rivers noted, "Oh, San Fran; it’s not even really close. It won’t be close, it’ll be a blowout. Three points. No, I do think San Fran, but who knows? I think they are the better team, but clearly I don’t know enough about football. That’s why I’m here."