#Chargewatch: Top takers lost for season

The Boston Celtics didn't just lose two starters last week when both Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger were diagnosed with season-ending ailments, they also lost their two top charge-takers on the team. Avery Bradley picked up some of the slack on Sunday, absorbing a crunch-time charge to help the Celtics hang on against the Clippers. Here's a look at this season's updated charge-taking leaderboard, with help from data logged by Synergy Sports:

19 - Rajon Rondo

15 - Jared Sullinger

9 - Paul Pierce

7 - Kevin Garnett

6 - Jason Terry, Jason Collins

5 - Avery Bradley, Jeff Green

3 - Chris Wilcox

2 - Leandro Barbosa, Brandon Bass

1 - Courtney Lee