Playoffs?! Remembering the '93-94 season

The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers enter Thursday's showdown playing some of their most inspired ball of the season and -- despite the injuries and inconsistent play each side has endured through the first half of the season -- it's hard to imagine either team missing the playoffs given the amount of pure talent on each roster.

In fact, that's only happened one time in league history where both the Celtics and Lakers missed the playoffs in the same year. You'd have to rewind to the 1993-94 season. A few fun notes on those team with help from our friends at ESPN Stats and Info and Basketball Reference:


Some quick hits on the 1993-94 season:

For a cringeworthy trip down memory lane, hop over to Basketball Reference for more info on the 1993-94 season for the Celtics and Lakers.

And here's the two box scores from that season, with each team winning at home:

Feb. 27, 1994: Lakers 100, Celtics 97

March 4, 1994: Celtics 109, Lakers 99