Weekend Dime: KG, C's resurgence

Some Celtics chatter in Marc Stein's Weekend Dime, including his take on Boston's ability to put together a six-game win streak since losing point guard Rajon Rondo:

Better without Rajon Rondo? No. Playing harder -- and happier -- without everything revolving around Rondo and without his, uh, moods. Hard to argue against the claim that life around the Celtics is simply lighter, these days when you see them lock in, win six in a row without the All-Star point guard and move the ball better than they have all season. The Celtics, for the first time in ages, really look like a team. The numbers during the win streak back it up, too, with Paul Pierce averaging nearly 18 points, 10 boards and six assists in the six straight Ws and Jeff Green and Jason Terry shooting lights out.

There's also a section on Kevin Garnett reaching the 25,000-point plateau:

I'll never forget covering one of Garnett's first exhibition games in the NBA and seeing Cal State Fullerton's own Cedric Ceballos throw one down right over the skinny teenager, prompting Club Ced to wheel away mouthing "not ready, not ready" to the Great Western Forum crowd. It was the first and last time, of course, that I can remember anyone being able to say that about Kevin Garnett. He was a mere 19 years and 168 days old when he made his official NBA debut on Nov. 3, 1995. Here's one more impressive stat: Garnett is actually up to third all time in NBA scoring, some 17 years and change later, when it comes to players who didn't play collegiately.

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