Video: Will C's end up trading KG?

On today’s SportsCenter, ESPN NBA analysts Chris Broussard, Flip Saunders and Tom Penn discuss whether they thought the Celtics would trade Kevin Garnett before Thursday’s deadline (video above).

Garnett, whom the Clippers are interesting in acquiring, has been adamant that he will not waive his no-trade clause, but perhaps he could be persuaded if Danny Ainge tells his star his team is in rebuild mode. Garnett lives in Malibu, which is less than an hour from Staples Center, where the Clippers call home.

“Chancey Billups, one of (Garnett’s) best friends who plays for the Clippers, told the Clippers he doesn’t think KG will waive (his no trade clause),” Broussard said.

“Chris Paul reached out to Garnett this summer trying to get him to the Clippers in some type of deal. Garnett said 'I want to stay in Boston.' That’s the problem right there,” he continued.

“Secondly, with the Clippers, Vinny Del Negro the coach wants to make this deal to get KG for DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe. Vinny, as well as they’ve done, is in the last year of his deal and hasn’t been given an extension. He wants to try to win it right now, this season. The front office doesn’t want to make that deal, not for Jordan and Bledsoe. Sure they’d do it for a lesser package."

Saunders, who coached KG for 10 years in Minnesota, said he doesn’t think Garnett is going anywhere.

“It ain't happening guys,” Saunders said. "KG doesn’t like change. He’s green.”