Video: Why no shakeup for C's?

In the video above, Chris Broussard and Flip Saunders discuss why the Celtics didn't trade any of their big-name players.

"For one, they've been playing well, without Rajon Rondo. They know they're built for the playoffs. And while they don't look like a championship team at this point, they've got veteran savvy, they've been there before, and they can certainly make a deep playoff run," says Broussard.

He also pointed out that with the injured Rondo done for the season and Kevin Garnett unwilling to waive his no-trade clause, Danny Ainge's options were limited.

And then there's coach Doc Rivers, who has repeatedly said he likes this team and wants to go the distance with it.

Doc "loves the team he has. He believes they play hard, they play the right way, they play defensively. And Jordan Crawford is going to help them," says Saunders.