Terry: 'I'm going to be fired up'

Jason Terry admits he'll have a little extra adrenaline pumping on Friday night in Dallas as he returns to the American Airlines Center for the first time as a member of the Boston Celtics.

Speaking during an interview on Boston sports radio WEEI (93.7 FM), Terry talked about his homecoming, the Celtics getting ripped by coach Doc Rivers at shootaround on Friday, and his growing disdain for the Miami Heat.

As for being back in Dallas, Terry offered: "I’m going to be fired up, man. This is a big game for us, not only for me, but for our team. We dropped one in New Orleans; definitely shouldn’t have lost to them. We’ve got to get back and get things rolling.”

Asked if it will be emotional, Terry said not to expect tears, just smiles and hugs for the former teammates he won a title with. But his main priority is getting Boston back on track.

"My focus is on winning this game," said Terry. "I’m not going to get caught up in the emotional things tonight, just because I know how important it is for us to get the win tonight."

Expounding on fumbling away a double-digit lead while losing to West cellar-dweller New Orleans on Wednesday, Terry noted, "We watched a lot of film, and Doc ripped us a new one today in shootaround. So just expect us to bounce back tonight and be more efficient when we do get the lead."

When the topic shifted to LeBron James and the Miami Heat, Terry was equally amped.

"[It's] not even LeBron personally, it’s just the Miami Heat. Is it the red and black? Maybe. I hate that color," said Terry. "I just don’t like them. Let me tell you like this, it goes back to [the] 05-06 [season when Miami beat Dallas in the NBA Finals]. And it doesn’t matter who’s in those Miami Heat uniforms. Let’s just be real: You’re up 2-0 and they come back and win four straight games and you lose the NBA Finals. So LeBron inherited something bigger than the matchup of he and I. It’s about the Miami Heat and that organization."

But Terry admitted the rivalry with James has blossomed.

"Hey, he picked his poison. They put him on me to shut me down in the NBA Finals in 2011 and he couldn’t get the job done," said Terry. "Hopefully he’ll have another chance this year in the Eastern Conference finals -- or wherever we match up -- but I’m telling you right now, I love us, I love the way we’re built. We miss [Rajon] Rondo, we miss [Jared] Sullinger, but with this team we have, we have a chance.”

Does Terry have a preference when he sees the Heat?

"It really doesn’t matter. There’s no preference," he said. "But you know at some point, I don’t want to say that it’s fixed, [but] I think it’s going to happen. We are going to see them and it’s going to be fireworks."

As for the fireworks when James dunked on Terry during Monday's game, the vicious alley-oop slam quickly going viral, Terry laughed it off.

"Social media today, it’s just unbelievable," said Terry. "But I will say, I did get a kick out of the one when I was laying in the coffin, and the pallbearers were [Kevin Garnett] and Paul Pierce. That was hilarious. It’s all in fun, it’s all in the spirit of the sport. But I’ll tell you right now, I would love to see Miami in the playoffs, because the road to the championship goes through the champion. We’re fired up. We love that matchup."