One upside to losing

One teeny, tiny silver lining for Celtic fans as they watch their team limp to the finish line of the 2012-13 regular season: Boston is aiding its draft status without sacrificing its playoff seeding (at least for the moment while keeping eighth-seeded Milwaukee at arm's length).

The 14 non-playoff teams go into a weighted draft lottery, but spots 15-30 are determined by overall regular-season record (with a coin flip breaking ties). If the playoffs started today, the Celtics (38-36) would have the No. 16 pick as only Milwaukee (36-37) has a worse record among current playoff teams.

Boston does not have a second-round pick this year as it went to Portland as part of the Courtney Lee swap (another second-rounder it had obtained from Oklahoma City -- via Charlotte -- as part of compensation for Jeff Green missing the 2011-12 season, is actually back with Oklahoma City -- via Houston -- stemming form this summer's Lee and James Harden swaps).

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