A point (guard) of emphasis

By embracing his role as a backup point guard, Terrence Williams is carving out a role that could finally maximize his potential:


An excerpt from the featured story:

* A POINT OF EMPHASIS: There's a lot for Boston to like in what we've seen from Williams lately. That includes how he has been able to push the ball hard and create easy scoring chances in transition when defenders don't step up to stop the ball. "All we've asked him to do is, every time [Williams gets] it, be a locomotive. Literally," explained Rivers. "Be a locomotive: Run straight down the middle of the floor as fast as you can, and if someone gets in your way then that means someone else will be open. And he did it twice [on Friday night against Atlanta] and went coast-to-coast with dunks. When you look at his body, there's not a lot of guys that want to get in front of that."