Stating the obvious

Doc Rivers confirmed the obvious after Friday's loss to the Cavaliers, but Boston's playoff hopes hinge more on health than seedings:


A preview of the featured story:

* C'S EYE SEVENTH SEED, AVOIDING HEAT: Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers seemed surprised that there would even be any debate about where his team might want to land in the Eastern Conference playoffs seedings. Seventh or eighth? Duh, that's an easy answer. "I know we are in the seventh spot and I know we want to stay out of the eighth spot," said Rivers, confirming for the first time what many have long suspected: The Celtics would prefer to avoid the top-seeded Miami Heat for as long as possible in hopes of using early rounds to rebuild some injury-depleted continuity and restore the team's confidence amid late-season stumbles. "Listen, I'm not that dumb. I'm not the brightest guy, but, come on," said Rivers.