Look Who's Back

With Kevin Garnett in the lineup, the Celtics are a different team:


An excerpt from today's featured story:

* KG MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE: In the eight games Garnett sat out, Boston posted a defensive rating (points per 100 possessions) of 103.4 -- about 3½ points above their season average. On Sunday night, in the 24 minutes Garnett was on the floor, Boston's defensive rating plummeted to 84.7. Eighty-four point seven! Sure, the Wizards' offense has a way of making opposing defenses look good, but Washington shot 39 percent when Garnett was on the floor and rarely wandered near the hoop with him patrolling. Allow Avery Bradley to gush about what Garnett's presence means to the Celtics. "Kevin's presence on the floor -- I love playing with Kevin, man," Bradley said. "He just, his intensity, he makes everything easier on everybody. He talks the whole game. I love playing with him."