Doc quick hits: We're not moving up

Quick hits following Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers' weekly appearance on Boston sports radio WEEI (93.7 FM) on Thursday.

On what the Celtics need to do to get ready for the playoffs: "Well, it's interesting because you're still concerned about a couple guys' rest. So, that, it's tough to accomplish things when you're looking for that. But, as far as our practices and our shootarounds, we're working extremely hard right now on our rhythm, and I think we're starting to get that."

On if he'd be satisfying finishing the season with the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference: "Yeah, we're not set, though. We need to win a couple games or win one and lose one or something like that. I'm not actually sure. But, yeah, we're not going to move up. It's going to be hard to do that. I think we're a couple behind Atlanta, so let's stay where we're at and see who we're playing. It looks like New York."

On whether Kevin Garnett's presence in the lineup affects Jeff Green's production: "No, not at all. I think Kevin should actually help him score more, score easier. Just, right now, Kevin's trying to get his rhythm back, and Jeff, I thought, at least in the last couple games, has really settled. I think he's had a stretch, but he'll get his aggressiveness back. He'll be aggressive by, hopefully, tomorrow."

On taking his team to see the film "42" on Monday: "I didn't think we should practice, number one. But I thought we should be together. I think this is a time of year where you really want your team together as much as possible, just with each other. And I didn't know if it'd be motivational, but I just thought it'd be learning. It's a learning experience. You know, learning about Jackie Robinson and that whole era is educational, and I think that's good for our guys."

On his impressions of the NCAA Men's National Championship Game: "Yeah, that was a great game. It really was. And I have to say, most college basketball games are not. They're 54-48 and you know with your eyes it's not good basketball. They're playing hard and the band and Dick Vitale makes it exciting, but you know in your mind that it's not. That was good basketball. I thought Rick Pitino and (John) Beilein, they both just kind of got out of their way and allowed their players to play, and I think that's one of the things Rick does a great job of. So does Beilein. I just like both of them and how they coached the game, how the players played -- they attacked, they shot early shots, they didn't move the ball for 40 seconds and then take a shot. It was just really good basketball."

On watching the final round of the Masters on Sunday: "What's funny is, I was telling one of our officials last night before the game, I think it's my first time in five or six years where I can actually sit home. We're usually playing on this Sunday, so it's really nice to have it off, and I'll be in Orlando, because of the day off and we play there Saturday. So, I get to watch the final round of Augusta in my living room."

On trying to catch the final round of the Masters in years past: "Well, I got kicked out of the one game by (the refs). I think it was in record time, it was in the first quarter. I wasn't trying in that one. But in the other game I told you about -- I can't remember the ref, I want to say it was Steve Javie -- I was trying to get thrown out because Danny Ainge was telling me at halftime, 'Hey, Tiger's making a run. Get thrown out of the game.' And I tried, and Javie said, 'I'm sorry, I'm a big golfer, too. You're not going anywhere.'"

On if he thinks Tiger Woods will win the Masters: "You know, I really think Tiger's going to win, but you've got to pick the field. I just think you always have to pick the field."