Doc: 'No better crowd in the NBA than ours'

Celtics coach Doc Rivers on playing back in Boston for the first time since the marathon tragedy:

The crowd always provides [energy], that’s why they call it a home-court advantage. They always provide you with energy. There’s no better crowd in the NBA than ours. There’s no better crowd in sports than this city. They are actually really invested. And that is the difference, and I’ve always said that. There’s a lot of crowds that, they’re winning now [and then] they come, and then you see all the hats, [and hear] all the mouths when you’re walking the city. But, Boston, when you’re winning or losing, you still hear the people talking trash. And that’s just the way they are, the way they’re built. And we expect them to be very much that tomorrow.

Celtics center Kevin Garnett noted at Thursday's practice, "We haven't been home since all the current events and everything and that alone, so, yes, we're anticipating it being very emotional, very inspiring, and we're looking forward to coming out and trying to get this Game 3."

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