Summer romance: A Gordon swap?

Throughout the offseason, there will be reports and whispers about players or trades that the Celtics might be interested in. Each time a name bubbles up, we'll ask an ESPN Boston writer to react to the rumor:


From the editor of ESPN TrueHoop Network site Bourbon Street Shots that covers the New Orleans Pelicans:


Chalk it up as the first of many rumors that ought to swirl about Paul Pierce this offseason. Trading Pierce makes a lot of sense if Boston desires a makeover, and there's a definite benefit in getting back a talented young player who can help the team now and into the future. The 24-year-old Gordon, a former No. 7 pick of the Clippers in the 2008 draft, is an intriguing player, but one who's missed 147 games (37 percent of total regular-season games during his five NBA seasons). Here's the other thing: Gordon is a max player signed for three more seasons with a 15 percent trade kicker (meaning he's due roughly $51.4 million over that span, though the final year is a player option). Getting younger is one of the appealing reasons for considering a Pierce swap and it's alluring to other teams because only $5 million of Pierce's deal is guaranteed if he's waived before June 30 (which could help free cap space). The price tag here seems a bit steep because of Avery Bradley's potential, but Boston is likely going to have to include a young player in any swap in order to entice a trade partner to give up something valuable in return. -- Chris Forsberg