Rondo on Doc, Connect Four, Algebra

Our friends at Red Bull passed along a series of videos after Rajon Rondo dropped by their studios in Los Angeles. Check out Rondo as he dominates in tag-team Connect Four and explains how it relates to being two or three steps ahead of the opposition on the court. Maybe most interesting is Rondo explaining his relationship with coach Doc Rivers and how it has grown over time.

"Especially now, each year we're growing, we're communicating better, learning each other more and more each year," said Rondo. Asked later if he was a hard player to coach when he first entered the league, Rondo adds, "I still am. It's not that I'm hard to coach, it's just that I may challenge what you say. I know the game myself, I'm out there playing the game. So I may have saw something different versus what you saw from the sideline."

Rondo notes that he and Rivers "talk all the time" and "we've built to that relationship."

Read on for more videos, including Rondo in action in tag-team Connect Four and talking about his algebra skills. Check out more on Red Bull's site.

Rondo dominates at Connect Four ...

Rondo on algebra...