CelticsHub: 3-on-3 on Rivers' future

Our good friends at CelticsHub went 3-on-3 Thursday to break down the Doc Rivers situation. It's a fun read as we wait to find out if Rivers will return for a 10th season in Boston. Here's a sample:

On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you Doc Rivers will coach the Celtics next season?

* Michael Pina: 6. Since the season ended, I thought every bit of news related to Doc Rivers’ departure was simply the result of impatient reporters trying to fill an always-hungry 24-hour news cycle. When Rivers had the opportunity to squash the rumors and didn’t, I became very, very nervous.

* Brian Robb: 7. All of the rumors are legitimate, but the underlying factor that makes me feel better about the situation is the timing. If Doc really was going to bail out, my guess is he would have pulled the trigger by now. Staying has always been the default choice and since we are just two weeks away from the NBA Draft with the coaching free agent market trying up, I don’t think Rivers will put the franchise in that challenging predicament.

* Ryan DeGama: 5. Is Doc waiting to find out if Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are returning? Is he holding off on his decision until he knows how quickly Danny Ainge can rebuild? As KG bellowed, anything is possible. But this time, it’s not in a good way. The caveat: nobody, Rivers included, is well-suited to coach a rebuilding team if his heart’s not in it.

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