CelticsHub: 5-on-5 on Pierce, KG trade

Our friends over at CelticsHub play a game of 5-on-5 to react to the Celtics-Nets trade. Here's a sample with their in-the-moment reaction to the blockbuster:

* Hayes Davenport: The truth is I haven’t confronted my emotions yet. Just hoping it doesn’t happen when I’m driving a car or holding anything sharp. But initially I was pretty grossed out: Gerald Wallace, rebuilding piece. I came around for the sake of Pierce and Garnett. For those who think they deserved “better”: you mean to finish seventh in the East and get bounced in the first round again? Those guys are the biggest winners of the trade, hugely.

* Michael Pina: Sadness, of course. Knowing Paul Pierce wouldn’t retire as a member of the Boston Celtics is as much of an emotional kick to the ribs as any fan base could suffer. That being said, I also knew it was both necessary and rational. After taking a few deep breaths, I stepped back from the ledge.

* Ryan DeGama: I felt the same way I did on Monday when Doc was sent/sent himself packing: excitement. That was followed by a surprisingly potent sense of loss. And then deep shame that I’d been hoping for this all along. These guys are warriors, after all. And then, finally, excitement again. We’re one (horrifically messy) step towards the next title.

* Brian Robb: It’s just starting to sink in, really. While the Doc Rivers soap opera took weeks to come to an end, this was the exact opposite, coming to fruition in mere hours. There is no doubt in my mind that this was the best deal available NOW for the Celtics, but I’m still not sure it was worth ripping your franchise apart (knowing Doc was likely out the door because of it) to fire up the rebuild right away.

* Brendan Jackson: We’ve had a ton of build up to this. Paul Pierce hinted that his time in Boston had come to end after losing to the Knicks last season. Then there was Doc Rivers’ exodus. These moments, coupled with all of the rumors swirling, should have prepared me for this. The adult pragmatist in me loves the three first rounders, but my 14 year old self, who is still practicing fake-crossover step back jumpers in my driveway is heartbroken. And that’s the truth.

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My in-the-moment reaction? Poor Kelly Olynyk, whose draft night (and fabulous hair) was immediately overshadowed.