5-on-5: Trade Rondo, too?

Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said at Thursday's draft that the team isn't currently exploring the idea of trading Rajon Rondo. Should they? That's one of the questions put to ESPN.com's 5-on-5 panel debating the Celtics-Nets trade:

* Arnovitz: If they can get value for him, yes. He won't be much more amenable to the rebuilding effort than Doc Rivers was, and Rondo isn't exactly a congenial dude when things are rosy. But as always, the answer to this question is contingent on what they can fetch in return. A lottery pick and another first-rounder?

* Gordon: No. The Celtics should be able to bottom out just fine with or without Rondo on the roster, so I'm not sure if it's necessary. He's an All-NBA player on a below-market deal, and there's no reason to rush things unless he sees the post-trade, post-Doc wasteland he's coming back to and says, "Yeah, no."

* Robb: No. His market value isn't very high right now coming off his ACL injury. Plus it doesn't make sense to deal your most valuable (and most marketable) asset away, especially when he is still in his prime. The key for Ainge now is to surround Rondo with the right pieces as the Celtics build for the future.

* Stein: Doesn't matter what you or I think. Ainge is going to do it whether or not we push for it. Word on the street is that Ainge is worried more about the 2014 lottery than the standings. If that's the case, everyone in Boston will be much happier if Rondo is dealt before they ask him to try to stomach the nightly grind of being the face of a team just starting to rebuild.

* Windhorst: It sounds like they might. Ainge has told people he plans to build around Jeff Green, Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger. It sure seems like they'll be "rebuilding" next season to set themselves up for a good draft pick in the supposedly great 2014 draft. They've been dangling Rondo for years now. He'll have to prove he's healthy, but I expect teams to be looking to get him. Ainge is setting a standard here that he doesn't require proven talent back in big deals.

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