KG considered retirement

NEW YORK -- After the Boston Celtics were eliminated from the first round of the playoffs in early May, Kevin Garnett suggested his future in Boston might hinge on whether Paul Pierce remained with the team. On Thursday, after Garnett and Pierce were formally introduced as members of the Brooklyn Nets, Garnett admitted he pondered retirement when Boston's future was unclear.

"Absolutely," Garnett responded when asked about considering hanging up his high-tops. "Because of Paul’s situation with the Celtics, and Paul is a huge part of playing together and accomplishing things, which makes this whole thing kind of bittersweet. I’m leaving one chapter and opening another, and I’m able to do it with guys that I’ve known for a long time."

Pierce detailed how he put a hard sell on Garnett while trying to get him to commit to coming to Brooklyn. Pierce said he told Garnett that he had too much left in the tank to ponder retirement. Even still, change doesn't come easy for Garnett, even when he has a sidekick or two along for the journey.

"I don’t like change much," he said. "When I commit to something, I like to go all-out. It’s unfortunate [Pierce and Garnett's tenure in Boston ended]. Obviously, when I saw the Doc Rivers situation, I knew that the writing was on the wall even before then. It was tough leaving [Rajon] Rondo and other things, but this is a new chapter with new things to embrace, and that’s what I’m doing."

Asked if he had a two-year window in Brooklyn given the two seasons remaining on his contract, Garnett offered, "I want to just take this process one day at a time, nothing more nothing less than that."

Pressed on what he has left in the tank, Garnett barked, "Next question."