Roster reset: Pressey, Faverani make 16

A quick roster reset after the Boston Celtics officially inked Phil Pressey and Vitor Faverani on Monday. Let's start with a very unofficial look at where Boston's depth chart stands at the moment:

* Point Guards: Rajon Rondo ($12 million), Pressey ($0.5 million)

* Shooting Guards: Avery Bradley ($2.5 million), Courtney Lee ($5.2 million), MarShon Brooks ($1.2 million), Keith Bogans ($5.1 million), Jordan Crawford ($2.2 million)

* Small Forwards: Jeff Green ($8.7 million), Gerald Wallace ($10.1 million)

* Power Forwards: Jared Sullinger ($1.4 million), Brandon Bass ($6.5 million), Kris Humphries ($12 million), Kelly Olynyk ($2 million)

* Centers: Faverani ($2 million), Shavlik Randolph ($1.1 million), Fab Melo ($1.3 million)

* Unsigned draft picks: Colton Iverson ($490,180)

The logjams at the 2 and 4 spots make it tough to determine exactly how the depth chart will shake down. We'll probably have a better idea of that once the team makes its next move. And at least one more more seems inevitable to shed salary and clear roster space. Here's why:

* The Celtics currently have a total salary commitment of roughly $73.6 million. That leaves them over the luxury tax line ($71.75 million) and standing on the apron (hard-capped after receiving Bogans via sign-and-trade, the Celtics cannot exceed $4 million over the tax line at any point this season). Boston would desire to sink below the tax line to avoid looming repeater rates in the future, but has some trimming to do (and has to leave enough room when its done for potential in-season costs should injuries deplete depth).

* Boston has 16 signed players and only Shavlik Randolph is on a nonguaranteed deal. His contract becomes fully guaranteed on Aug. 1, which could tip Boston's hand if the next move doesn't come before then. If Randolph is retained, then it's likely another big will be moved before camp. If Randolph is released to free salary and a roster spot, it would appear the Celtics are not confident they can deal one of their other bigs.

* Second-round draft pick Iverson remains unsigned. He's stuck weighing his options as the Celtics clear their frontcourt logjam. If space opens, the Celtics can sneak him on for minimum money ($490K). If they need the roster spot, Iverson will spend next season overseas getting experience and a decent payday.