Insider: C's offseason grade

Chad Ford offers offseason grades for each of the 15 Eastern Conference teams for Insider (follow the link for the full analysis):


ESPN Insider: Offseason grades

We probably won't be able to accurately judge this offseason until about 2022, or a few years after the Celtics finish collecting on their draft picks from the Nets. If Brooklyn goes on to win a title this season with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce playing key roles, then Boston's grade will look even worse in the interim. Alas, few teams get glitzy grades for ushering in a rebuilding process. It will be whether any of these offseason moves accelerate the transition process -- and don't forget about that $10.3 million trade exception that could aid that process,too -- that will dictate a true grade.

There's also a little bit of Celtics chatter in this 5-on-5 on the East's best/worst moves of the offseason.