Loose Balls: Summer doldrums

It's August and that means the usual slowdown in NBA news. Apologies for the lack of updates in this space lately as we're sneaking in a little offseason vacation time (we'll be back later this month with our annual Summer Forecast series as we ramp up to camp and we'll still check in when things bubble up, like the schedule release on Tuesday night). We were starting to feel a little guilty about the lack of news, then this gem landed in our Google Alert for the Celtics from the Lexington Herald Leader on a guinea pig named Rondo:

Meet five pets named for University of Kentucky sports icons because their characteristics and behaviors closely matched up with the players themselves:


Boston Celtics standout Rajon Rondo is considered one of the quickest point guards in the NBA.

"Rondo," the guinea pig, "is very fast. Hard to catch. Very elusive."

Animal owner: Margaret Chapman, 15, of Raleigh, N.C.

Reason for the animal's name: "Rajon Rondo is one of our favorite Kentucky players," said Dana Chapman, Margaret's mother. "(The guinea pig) is so fast and elusive, 'Rondo' just seemed to fit."

Yep, safe to head back to the beach. Before we go, here's three more links worth your time if you need a blast of Celtics reading:

1) Ryan: Stevens has a tough road ahead: A typically fantastic read as the Boston Globe's Bob Ryan ponders the challenge ahead for new Celtics coach Brad Stevens.

2) Cuban on rebuilding Mavs: A fascinating look at how the Mavericks have approached the past couple seasons, including their own transition process. A great read for Celtics fans as Boston begins to navigate its own rebuild, particularly its decision to move on from Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, while Cuban won't budge on Dirk Nowitzki.

3) NBA Rooks: The Klynyk: If you need something to take your mind off any concerns about his bout with plantar fasciitis, NBA.com has a fun video recapping Kelly Olynyk's performance at Orlando Summer League.